Matthew Fox Set to Star in Comic Book Adapted Film BILLY SMOKE

by Joey Paur


That's right folks another comic-book film adaptation is being developed over at Warner Bros.  Personally I love all the comic book movies, they make for great stories and it is the closest thing we are getting to original content being developed in Hollywood, so as long as they keep doing them well, then I say keep 'em coming.

This next comic-book movie is called 'Billy Smoke' and it is being writen and directed by Jeffrey Nachmonoff who is the same guy that made the film 'Traitor', which was a pretty good movie.


The film has also caught the attention of LOST star Mathew Fox who has been cast in the lead role. The story centers on an elite hit man who is nearly killed during a botched job. He realizes that his only way to find redemption is to rid the world of all assassins.

Sounds good to me! When doing some research on this I came across an interesting bit of information regarding Matthew Fox that I didn't know about. He was a one point on the top of the list to play Duke in the new G.I. Joe Movie, and then he lost the part to Channing Tatum? How in the hell did that happen!

Source: THR

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