Special Effects Designer John Gaeta Talks about NINJA ASSASSIN Stunts

by Joey Paur


I have seen very little from the James McTeigue directed action Ninja film being produced by the Wachowski Siblings 'Ninja Assassin'. In the video interview below boingboingvideo talks to the Academy Award-winning special effects designer John Gaeta (Matrix, Speed Racer) about the technology and the human talent behind the the film.

There is no doubt the fight choreography and martial arts in the film is going to be incredibly insane! Just by watching the stunt clips in the video below you know it's going to be amazing. I can't wait to see this stuff come to life on the big screen.

Other interesting things covered in the interview include what the future of games, movie, and interactive entertainment will end up being like in the future. How new technology and tools are being used to make the experience of these forms of entertainment different, and take them to the next level. Will computer generated actors replacing real actors?

The interview is pretty interesting so I suggest to check it out.

Source: boingboingvideo

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