Watch the Full Cinematic Intro to the Video Game PROTOTYPE

by Joey Paur

Here is the full Cinematic Intro to the Activision video game 'Prototype'.

In this game you are Alex Mercer, a shape shifter with absolute mastery over your genetic structure, stalking the streets of New York City, searching for your past. Delve into a web of lies and rip the truth from those who've hidden it from the public for forty years. learn that you are not alone in your amazing abilities; that other killers stalk the city.

A secret war is brewing in New Your. First, battle below the media radar, then, watch as a deadly infection spirals out of control and the government seizes the media to stop the spread of information. Finally, experience New York under quarantine as martial law is instated; igniting a firestorm of combat, carnage, and death.

This looks like it will be a fun game to play. Check out the opening sequence below.


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