Moon Director Duncan Jones will ESCAPE FROM THE DEEP

by Joey Paur


'Moon' Director Duncan Jones has signed on to direct a new film that will be adapted from a novel called 'Escape From the Deep' and let me tell you, this story is awesome, and Jones is the right guy to bring it to life.


This movie will be based on a true story that revolves around nine men who fought the Japanese in World War II from Americas deadliest submarine. This sub sunk more enemy ships, rescued more downed airmen, and executed more daring surface attacks than any other Allied sub in the Pacific. The submarine was called Tang. On its fifth mission Tang was hit by one of it's own faulty torpedoes! Yeah, that sucks. The sub sunk to the bottom of the ocean 180 feet beneath the surface. Only nine of the 80 man crew survived and while they sat in this "iron coffin" the Japanese continued to drop depth charges on them.  The nine men escaped out of the sub through and escape hatch and swam from the sup to the top of the ocean only to be picked up by a Japanese patrol ship. They were then sent to a secret Japanese interrogation camp known as the "Torture Farm". They were close to death when finally liberated in August, 1945, but they had revealed nothing to the Japanese--not even the greatest secret of World War II.

So you can count me in! I love stories like this! I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be in a situation like that! I have been in a WWII sub before and it would be scary as hell to be stuck at the bottom of the ocean in one of those things. The space is so tight and cramped. Not only does it have a fantastic story, but the director Duncan Jones has a great talent for directing. He also has another Sci-fi  Blade Runner type movie in the works as well. Not sure what he will get around to doing first but I am looking forward to both of them.

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