Update on Tobey Maguire's TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH

by Joey Paur


Tobey Maguire is currently in the process of developing a new movie that he is both producing and starring in called 'Tokyo Suckerpunch' which is based on the novel by Isaac Admason. The film is being written by Ed Solomon who also wrote 'Bill & Teds Bogus Journey', 'Men In Black', and 'Charlies Angel's', so you will get a good idea of what this script will be like. In an interview with Scifiwire Solomon talked about the project announcing that Anne Hathaway will star in the movie as the main characters editor. He also says:

"I believe that for Tobey it's the perfect thing to go beyond that, It's a romantic comedy—it's got a lot of action, but it's mostly comedy set in Tokyo, about a guy who thinks he's in love with one woman."

I hope this movie breaks Maguire out of his Spider-man routine. The guy is a great actor it will be nice to see him in something new and different. Here is the description Soloman gives of the story:

"He's a graphic novelist who lives in Cleveland and writes a graphic novel about himself that he sets in Tokyo," Solomon said. "He has a certain fantasia of what Japan is and has a certain fantasia of what a real woman is. Neither exists in reality, but he goes off to Tokyo in pursuit of this fantasy woman."

Here is the description of the book:

Meet Billy Chaka, ace reporter for Cleveland's hottest-selling Asian teen magazine. He's brash, savvy, and prone to hair-trigger fits of karate. Billy's in Tokyo to cover the 19-and-Under Handicapped Martial Arts Championship and meet up with his friend Sato Migusion, the international renowned director of such cult film classics as Sex Up the Hotrod, Baby! But Sato never shows. Instead, the girl of Billy's dreams stumbles into a dive bar with tattooed Yakuza mobsters in hot pursuit. Then Billy will start brawls in swanky corporate sex clubs, be offered a golf club membership by a secret religious order, meet a dog trained in the ways of the Samurai, and race stolen motorcycles through the neon-choked streets of Tokyo. Packed with enough over-the-top fists action to make Jackie Chan cry, and featuring the most lovable uncool hero since Austin Powers, this hilarious send-up is a pop culture potpourri of sub-epic proportion.

This could be a great action comedy! I am interested to see who comes in to direct the project because the screenwriter of the movie really hasn't impressed me with what he has done. I hope it turns out being as incredible as it sounds! What are your thoughts?

Source: Scifiwire

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