LOST Producer Claims Show will End Epic TV Storytelling

by Joey Paur


The hype for the last season of ABC's hit TV show LOST has just been launched beyond anything I expected it it to be. According to one of the  writers and producers of the show Jack Bender, The last season of LOST will finish epic television drams for a long while.

That is a bold statement and definitely a way to get the fans like myself hyped up about the final season of the show. I've already been hyped up to see what happens! But in the back of my mind I always have this thought that the end is just going to be a huge let down. I hope it's not! But the show has just been constantly building up to the answer of what in the hell is going on.  The payoff has to be so worth that time we have put in watching the show, and I just don't think it will live up to peoples expectations.

Now we have a statement like this, a statement that promises that the ending will be phenomenal. Here is what he says:

It's going to be one of the last huge television shows in terms of size of cast and scope of production... Given the fact that network television is changing, it may be one of the last great rides of this kind of big epic storytelling. That's not to say there won't be another great big old show that is a serialized show in the future, [b]ut for awhile I think it's going to be smaller and more procedural.

He has a point. TV is being filled up with cheap reality crap shows. One day that is all we will be watching unless someone puts an end to it! Bender goes on to give no deails about how the show will end.

There will be an ending to our show and I trust it will be a stimulating, satisfying ending... This show needs to be building toward a story finish. The audience can't feel like the creative wheels are spinning and critically, there were times during [earlier seasons] where we were critically, and in terms of our audience, getting busted for spinning wheels a little bit.

At least he understands the expectations they are up against. I am really hoping to see something that just blows my mind but at the same time makes sence. I don't want to be left with more questions at the end of the show! That will just piss me off.

So what do you all think? Do you think Lost will have a great ending or do you think it will be a disappointment? Any theories on how you think it will end?

Source:  Canadian Press

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