BRIAN GRAZER producing movie about the true story of CHIEF RON

by Eli Reyes



It looks like Universal and Imagine have a winner on their hands with"Chief Ron". Let's go over the list...

Huge-Mega Producer:
Check. It's pretty much a guarantee hit when Brian Grazer's name is attached to a film. 

True Story:
Check. This comedy written by Jordan Roberts is about a conman who claims Mohegan ancestry in an attempt to open a casino. The story is inspired by the true story of Chief Ron Roberts. His blonde hair and blue eyes raised skepticism over his ancestral claims but he prevailed in court and is now building a casino in upstate New York.

Great Comedic Director:
Check. Justin Theroux comes on to take the reigns, fresh off from writing Marvel's "Iron Man 2". He also Co-Wrote and Executive Produced "Tropic Thunder". If you have "Tropic Thunder" on DVD, I hope you've watched the extra feature "Tropic Thunder: Rain Of Madness". Theroux wrote and starred as documentarian Jan Jurgen, in this hilarious "Making Of".

This seems like a pretty interesting story. And I like the fact that it's going to be a comedy. It could very easily have been a dramatic film. All that is left to seal the deal for me is... who will they cast? What do you guys think of this film so far?

Source: Variety

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