CONAN Reboot Film has found a new Director

by Joey Paur


Looks like the new 'Conan The Barbarian' film has found a director. Brett Ratner was attached to the project and then he thankfully ended up dropping off the project leaving it open for a new director to take his place. I would think anyone is a better choice than Ratner.

According to CHUD, The new person in the Conan director chair is a guy by the name of Marcus Nispel. He has directed films such as 'Pathfinder' and the 'Friday the 13th' remake, so he really hasn't done much. Both his movies are very mediocre.


It looks like the studio didn't want to wait around for someone better. So they got a director that they wouldn't have to spend a lot of money on. I'm not counting him down or out and I am not going to bash the guy because Conan may be the movie he proves himself with. This is the movie where he will have to show everyone what he's got. If he does a great job, it will put him on the map and we may start seeing him do more and more films. If he does an awful job, then his career will stay at the level it is currently at and he will end up directing Friday the 13th part 2.

Lionsgate and Millennium films have want to get the production started this August. Nispel was on board to direct a very cool little Dracula movie called 'The Last Voyage of the Demeter' which you can read about Here. But that may have to wait until he is done with Conan.

So what do you think about Nispel directing Conan? At least it's not Brett Ratner.

Source: CHUD

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