GUILLERMO DEL TORO opens up about THE HOBBIT in BBC Interview

by Eli Reyes


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...Guillermo Del Toro explains of his relationship with Peter Jackson, on his June 6th appearance on BBC Radio's Daily Mayo show. Del Toro was there to discuss and promote his new vampire themed book "The Strain". But host Simon Mayo also got Del Toro to talk about some of the other projects he has in the works. He opened up about future projects such as The Hobbit, Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, and the fates of the Hellboy and Blade movie franchises.

In the first part of the interview, they dove pretty deep into "The Strain". If you've been keeping up on all of the stuff we've been reporting about it, then it's mostly stuff you've already heard.  If not, read what Venkman has reported by clicking here. To read Mily Kane's review of the book click here. But Del Toro does state that from reports coming in, "The Strain" is doing very well. Del Toro explains...

...It's doing quite phenomenally. It's really been shocking!

And goes on to jokingly say that...

I'm used to await[ing] bad news... As a 'fat man' I've been trained into submission, waiting for the other shoe to drop... I'm waiting for anything to go wrong.

But even with the book's success, don't hold your breath for a movie version of "The Strain". He explains that it would take at least 6 movies to cover the events in the 3 novels. But he foresees a Comic-Book version, and suggests that a TV Series based on "The Strain"  would be the only way to capture, and stay true to the book.


But let's get to the news we have all been waiting for... THE HOBBIT! In the interview they were able to discuss many different things going on in the project. Including his 13 hour a day work schedule, writing and designing at WETA Studios. Del Toro talked fondly of the mutual respect and admiration that he and Jackson have for one another. He further explained the amount of work they're putting into the effects saying...

The dragon Smaug... we are in our eighth month [of] designing that creature... and we just solved the basic engineering of the creature. We still have six [or]seven more months... So what you will see on the screen took roughly over a year and a half to design.

I can't even begin to imagine how good the effects in this film are going to look, when they are spending over a year designing one creature. Some major casting was confirmed when Mayo inquired to whether or not Andy Serkis was coming back to play Gollum. Del Toro confirmed saying...

Yes! Ian Mckellen is back [and] Hugo Weaving [is back] as the roles they originated in the trilogy.   

It would be a real shame if any of those actors couldn't come back to reprise their roles. So I'm really glad to hear they're on board. When asked about the "Frankenstein" and "Jekyll and Hyde" movies, Del Toro simply answers...

I am going to produce Jekyll and Hyde and help guide it. I will not direct it.

That's some sad news. Because he would have done such a great job with it. But the man has a lot on his plate. Hopefully he will heavily influence the character designs while in the producing chair. But he immediately confirms that

Frankenstein is my life long dream... I'm hoping I get to do that one, very much.

And he goes on to explain that they've already begun doing make up tests with actor Doug Jones. Shocked, Mayo tries to clarify if that means he's already cast the part for Jones.

In my mind. Yes!

Del Toro exclaimed. That's awesome news. Doug Jones is an absolutely amazing actor. If you're a fan of Del Toro's films, then you're already familiar with the physical and emotional capabilities Jones brings to his performances. Jones goes unrecognizable in most of his roles, playing Pan and the other monsters in "Pan's Labyrinth", Abe Sapien in the "Hellboy" movies, and The Silver Surfer in "Fantasic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer".


As for the fates of Blade and Hellboy, it doesn't look good. When asked about the possibility of a "Blade 4" and a "Hellboy 3", Del Toro laughed, saying...

I don't think Wesley Snipes and New Line are in 'Legal' speaking terms anymore. I don't think that will happen. And Ron Perlman just declared himself a little too old for those prosthetics on Hellboy. He said that... 'if yo can lighten up, find me stuff to wear with less make up'... I suppose we're not doing Hellboy 3 then.

Oh, actors! Blade 4 probably won't happen. But I can't imagine them not making another Hellboy, just because of the prosthetics. Perlman wasn't whining about the make up when he did all those Direc Tv and Chuck commercials. And what Perlman wears is NOTHING compared to the amount of  prosthetics and contraptions that Jones is in. They need to do that franchise justice, and close it out properly. But Del Toro is quick to add...

You never know.

That's what I like to hear! So does this get you amped up or what? Let us know!

To listen to the full interview click here. 

Source: BBC

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