Peter Jackson Going All 3D All The Time From Now On

by Joey Paur


3D filmmaking is really making a massive push and everyone seems to be jumping on board the 3D bandwagon. Apparently it is the future, and we are going to start seeing more and more 3D films opening up in theaters. A couple of the big names involved with 3D films are Robert Zemekis, James Cameron, DreamWorks Animation and now Pixar have fully adopted the 3D technology. It looks like director Peter Jackson can be added to that list as well. From now on he will only be making 3D movies.

Market Saw recently interviewed 3ality Digital Systems CEO Steve Schklair, and here is what he had to say about Peter Jackson.

I think I told you we were recently down in New Zealand with Peter Jackson, who is committing to shooting his films in 3D, and will be working with our rigs and technology to do so. I think this is big news for the industry because we are all pushing to get theaters built. Some theater owners are on the fence, asking, "If we do jump [into 3D], is there enough content?" And having guys like Peter Jackson jump in and say things like "I'll be making all my movies in 3D" is a great vote of confidence for the theater owners who are thinking about making the investment.

So this raises a few questions. Mainly, does that make the rumors about 'The Hobbit' being filmed in 3D true? I suspect so. We know that the 'Tintin' movie he is working on with Speilberg will be in 3D.  Unless Mr. Schklair is putting words into Jackson's mouth. I don't think all movies need to be in 3D. If everything starts coming out in 3D I just don't think it will be cool anymore. I have a feeling that 3D is going to be around for a very long time and that the technology will just get better and better, we just wont care as much because we will have gotten used to it.

I know Cameron's 'Avatar' is going to blow us away. Once that movie comes out and it becomes crazy successful every other filmmaker is going to jump in on the band wagon.

What are your thoughts on 3D filmmaking? How would you feel if every movie made was made in 3D? Just a thought.

Source: Marketsaw

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