4 New TRANSFORMERS 2 TV Spots with New Footage

by Joey Paur


Hello ladies and Gentlemen! Today I bring you four TV Spots for the new Micheal Bay film 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'. I wonder if Bay will ever make another non-transformers movie again. I would think anything else he does just wont live up to the action packed bar he has set for himself.

The new TV trailer you will find below all have a bit of new footage in them. They will show you just how awesome and cheesy  this movie is going to be, and let me tell you, there will be an equal amount of cheese and action. We all know what the movie is going to be like and our expectations are set. Now we can all go to the movie sit back relax and enjoy this summers biggest popcorn flick.

Hope you enjoy the trailers below. Let us know what you like about them and what you hate.





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