DRAG ME TO HELL Hidden Meaning?

by Eli Reyes


Ok, this is too good! One of our readers sent us a link to a post regarding the Sam Raimi film 'Drag Me To Hell' on the imdb message boards. Though message boards are not usually a good way to find reliable news, and by "not usually" I mean never, this is a fine rant that you should definitely check out. If you've already seen Sam Rami's "Drag Me To Hell", this post DEMANDS you go and see it a second time. Why? Because it's not the movie you think it is. It's got layers our feeble minds can't comprehend man! I'm freaking out... you too? Just breathe. This person actually offers some sound insight and theories into the events in the movie that you should consider. Or perhaps reconsider.

So if can you can get through a sea of exclamation points and question marks???!!!?!?!?! WHAT ABOUT ALL CAPS?! Then read on...

I SWEAR TO YOU ALL YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE A SECOND TIME!!! IT'S NOT A HORROR[film]!!! The Main character is crazy!!!! Shes a farm girl trying to live the perfect life!!! She starves herself to fit the image of a perfect life, this is why in the beginning she is repeating that tape in hopes of loosing her southern accent, she never touches food cause food makes you fat and disgusting, every time food is related to a scene that is when the creature comes, and what is the creature?? Its her scaring herself, its a creaky gate, its the WIND!!!! Helooooo!!!!! Everyone see this film a second time I promise it will change the way you watch movies!!! It makes the film 3D, the Psychic was a scam! That's why he took the money, needed the 10,000, and didn't let the guy come see the exersisem. He was a giant scam!!! And the woman is crazzzy, She destroyed her own room, and was hearing fake voices, she passed out in hunger and hit those cars in the beginning then made up the story of the woman. How has no one else noticed this!?!? I feel bad for her fiances, she took everything he had. And when she dies what killed her? Herself! She jumped in front of a train and because of that she got DRAGGED TO HELL!!!!! SEE THIS MOVIE AGAIN AND YOU WILL SEE IT IS TRULY A CULT CLASSIC!!!

By Micobiella.

Now, let's blow this conversation wide open! What do you think? What are your theories?