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This week we have an interesting challenge with regard to our box office predictions. We must figure out if The Hangover can keep up its incredible pace after an opening weekend that surprised many. Also, does this new Eddie Murphy movie, Imagine That, have any appeal to audiences? I like Eddie Murphy, but he is not to be trusted at the box office again until he gives another performance like Dreamgirls or makes us laugh again like in Beverly Hills Cop.

I think The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 is going to do well this weekend. It's the first thinking action/drama of the season. Last week it was comedy, the week before it was animation, and the week before that it was family comedy and sucky action. Pelham should come in strong. 35 or 36 million would not surprise me at all, but I am going to play it a little safe here.

That being said, here are my predictions for this weekend at the box office.

1. The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 31.0 million

2. Up 29.1 million

3. The Hangover 26.2 million

4. Imagine That 11.6 million

5. Land of the Lost 9.5 million

I won’t lie. I am worried about these picks because if they are anywhere near accurate it’s going to be a slow weekend at the movies. However, in my eyes, I cannot see any of these movies doing substantially better than I have guessed.

As usual, I will be back next week for my accountability report. Please tune in to see me eat crow or brag.

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