JOHN CARTER OF MARS Gets its 2 Lead Actors and one of them is Gambit

by Joey Paur


The long awaited 'John Carter of Mars' is currently amping up to shoot in the beautiful state of Utah? Have you ever been to Zions Canyon? It freakin incredible! I suggest you go one of these days because it looks like another planet. Like Mars!

Andrew Stanton who directed both Pixar films 'Finding Nemo' and 'Wall-E' is set to direct the film, that is based on the book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Disney really hopes that this story becomes a very lucrative film franchise.

Oh! And guess what? The two lead characters have been cast! 'Friday Night Lights' TV show and 'Wolverines'  Gambit Taylor Kitsch will play the title character John Carter. Actress Lynn Collins from the TV show 'True Blood' and also was in Wolverine as Silverfox has been cast in the role of Dejah Thoris who is the heir to the throne of Mars' Helium Kingdom.


It seems like there are a lot of people upset with the cast decision but I think it's fine. Taylor Kitsch is a decent actor who is climbing his way up the Hollywood stardom ladder. This will be his first lead role in a film and I am looking forward to seeing what he does with it.

The film centers on a civil war veteran who finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars, where his involvement with warring races of the dying planet force him to rediscover his humanity.

What are your thoughts on the casting news for the film?

Source: THR

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