PREDATOR'S Movie Reboot to be Directed by Neil Marshall?

by Joey Paur


Looks like Robert Rodriguez's Predator reboot film 'Predator's' is close to getting a director. Neil Marshall is supposedly in talks with 20th Century FOX to direct the movie. If you know the type of movies this guy has made, you will see why he is a decent choice for developing the movie.


This information comes from a "100% reliable source" from bloody-disgusting.

Marshall has directed the horror film 'The Decent' which I really liked, 'Doomsday' which was a fun movie, and he has most recently been working on the film 'Centurion' which looks like it has promise.

If this all pans out I think that Marshall will do a fine job bringing the Predator back to the big screen. I really liked how he did 'The Decent' and with a solid story and a decent budget, I can see that Predator is a film that's right up his alley.

If you haven't heard what the movie is about, it's pretty simple. A team of commandos face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters.

So, what do you think about Neil Marshall possibly directing the new Predator film?

Source: Bloody-digusting