Live-Action AKIRA Movie is Dead... For Now

by Joey Paur


Yesterday I went out and bought the classic anime film 'Akira' on blu-ray, and it sure looks great! As you may or may not know a live-action film has been prepping up for production for about a year and a half now. Leonardo Dicaprio was going to produce the film through his Appian Way production company and Warner Bros. They planned on it being a two part film.

I was really looking forward to this movie! I wanted it to happen because I was interested in how they would get it to work story wise and visually. There are a lot of people out there that wished they would leave it alone, and I respect how those people feel. Curiosity is just getting the better of me.

But, there is no need to worry about it anymore, for now anyway. First time director Ruairi Robinson has left the project and according to bloody-disgusting the live-action film is 'dead as a doornail'. This is a report they have confirmed with two different sources, so it seems like pretty solid intel.

My question is, why in the hell would a first time feature director walk off the film project of a life-time!? That just doesn't compute with me unless he found something better, or he just got cold feet because, or perhaps the pressure was too much. I can only speculate.

Before robinson got this gig he made two short films. One of them was nominated for best animated short at the Oscars. That film was called 'fifty Percent grey'. The other short film he wrote and diected was called 'The Silent City'. Both of these films were sci-fi. If your interested in what these movies were like, I have embeded them below. Not that it matters now because the guy isn't directing Akira anymore. 

I hope the project isn't as dead as we are hearing. I hope it gets revived. Because I really would like to see what this movie would look like live-action style.

So what do you think? Are you glad or sad that the 'Akira' live-action film has been shut down?

Fifty Percent Grey

The Silent City

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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