Comic-Con 2009: Mystery Team, TV Show Panels, T-Shirts and More

by Joey Paur


The Geek conventions of all geek conventions Comic-Con 2009 is fast approaching, and we will be there in full force livin' it up geek style. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, then you are SOL! Because it is sold out. But if you are lucky enough to go, you are going to be able to see some great stuff and get in on some great action.

It looks like the Derrick Comedy gang will be there in full force promoting their awesome comedy film 'Mystery Team'! Our friends at /film report that they will have a special screening of the film and will hold a panel. They will also have a booth on the convention floor. The Derrick Comedy talent that will be at the convention include Director Dan Eckman, Producer Meggie McFadden, and writers/actors Dominic Dierkes, Donald Glover, and DC Pierson. They will also be debuting a brand new 'Mystery Team' short film.

Come bust kid criminals with Oakdale’s best eighteen-year-old kid detectives the Mystery Team in their storefront slash crime lab. Meet the filmmakers, take pictures with actual setpieces, and submit a mystery of your own for solving.

'Donnie Darko' and 'Southland Tales' film director Richard Kelly will also be making an appearance at the the Con to promote his new film 'The Box'. Here is what he tells us on his myspace page:

Wanted to share some news on THE BOX.

Many have asked us if we will be at Comic-Con . . . I am happy to tell you first that the answer is YES. Our panel is Friday, July 24 as part of the Warner Bros. presentation. Cameron and James will be joining me, we look forward to sharing a First Look at the trailer plus other cool stuff.

More news on THE BOX and other DARKO projects soon.

Chicago Tribune reports that Joss Whedons Dollhouse TV show will be getting a super-sized panel which will include the unseen thirteenth episode of the TV show called 'Epitaph One'. The whole episode will be screened and the panel will go for two hours. That will happen on Friday the 24th in Ballroom 20. Dushku and Whedon will be serving up "a no-holds-barred Q and A about what they have planned for Season 2"

Here are a list of other TV show panels that have been confirmed for Comic-Con this year.

  • "Battlestar Galactica: The Plan" (this is at the "likely" stage, it's not 100 percent confirmed)

  • "Big Bang Theory"

  • "Caprica"

  • "Chuck"

  • "Dexter"

  • "Dollhouse"

  • "Eastwick"

  • "Eureka"

  • "Flash Forward"

  • "Fringe"

  • "Human Target"

  • "Legend of the Seeker"

  • "Lost"

  • "MythBusters"

  • "Past Life"

  • "The Prisoner"

  • "Psych"

  • "Sanctuary"

  • "Smallville"

  • "Stargate Universe"

  • "Supernatural"

  • "True Blood"

  • "V"

  • "Vampire Diaries"

  • "Warehouse 13"

Surprisingly 'Heroes' will not be doing a panel this year, unless they are tricking us.

I am sure we will get to see tons of stuff from upcoming movies as well. As soon as the schedules hit or if we get anymore news, we will let you know. But I am sure we will see some stuff from Ninja Assassin, Harry Potter 7, and You know Twilights New Moon will be there. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that we will get to see some footage from 'Iron Man 2' and 'Tron 2'.

On top of all that, we will be giving out GeekTyrant T-shirts to any of our lucky readers that will be attending the Comic-Con 2009. If you are not already following us on Twitter you better join up. Because that's how we will be keeping in contact with all of you at the Con. Lets hang out!

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