First Look at Gemma Arterton as Io in CLASH OF THE TITANS

by Joey Paur


Hey Gang! Here is your first look at actress Gemma Arterton as Io in Louis Leterrier's 'Clash of the Titans' film. You may recognize Arterton from the last James Bond film 'Quantum of Solace'. The character she plays was not in the original film. I gave an in depth history of her character Io which you can Read Here. But in Greek mythology she is one of Zeus' lovers who eventually gets turned into a cow.  I believe she will be very close to Perseus throughout the film as a guide through his adventure and possibly a love interest.

I gotta say she looks great in this little picture which she posted up on her own website GemmaArtertonOnline. Just in case you haven't seen the photos of Perseus Click Here to check out Sam Worthington's Badassery.

So what do ya think?


Via: Filmschoolrejects

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