FRIDAY THE 13th 2 Could Be in 3D and Take Place in Winter

by Joey Paur


I was not a big fan of the last 'Friday The 13th' horror movie remake. Platinum Dunes really screwed it up big time. There was not one interesting thing about that movie. I just thought it was as dry as a slasher horror film could get. After the movie was released and made over $90 million bucks world wide a sequel was quickly announced.

I am not really excited for a sequel to this movie at all. I have no interest what-so-ever. My curiosity peeked with the first re-make I saw, and got it out of my system. Now there is just no need for me to see another one. Even the Producer Brad Fuller tells Hitfix:

"If we're vulnerable on [the first film], it's that people thought our kills weren't clever enough, so whatever we need to do to make those kills seem clever in the second film is what we're going to do," Fuller says. I don't think that turning him into a space-going astronaut would be the direction that we're going to go in... That's a criticism that really goes to my heart, that I feel like I've failed the fans if those kills aren't original or that they're not unique or grisly. You can read the comments and see where the truth is, and you can see as a producer where maybe that kill could've been better or we could've done something more clever here. However we can bring more clever kills to the second one, that's what we're going to do."

Yeah the kills weren't clever, but if you are looking to see clever kills then go see the 'Final Destination' films or the 'Saw' movies. Those are as clever as it gets to killing people in the movies. Jason has been and always will be the guy that kills people with his machete. It's not the way he kills people that will makes the movie interesting. It is bringing something new and different to the story while showing a new dynamic to the character that will make it interesting. At least Rob Zombie is trying to do that with Michael Meyers in his Halloween movies.

Well now there is talk of the sequel going the way of a 3-D movie. And also taking Jason into a setting we have never seen him in before... The snow. That's right Crystal Lake during the winter season. Doesn't that sound like fun? Now Jason can kill people while they are ice skating on Crystal Lake. But this is all talk for right now. Fuller ends by saying:

"'Friday the 13th Part 2,' we don't have a script, it's not green-lit, and we have no idea what's going to happen. If it gets green-lit and we're able to mount it in a reasonable amount of time, we would hope the movie would open on August 13, 2010."

If you liked the last 'Friday the 13th movie then I am sure this is a film you are looking forward to. If not, then like me you hope the movie won't get greenlit. I wish they would just come up with a new horror movie idea.

What do you all think?

Source: Hitfix

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