Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo Start Shooting MACHETE in 5 Weeks

by Joey Paur


According to bad-ass Mexican actor Danny Trejo he will reprise his role in Robert Rodriguez's full length grindhouse film 'Machete'. The story has been talked about becoming a movie since the fake  trailer for the film was unleashed with the double feature grindhouse flick. Rodriguez has got so much on his plate right now with 'Nevercraker', 'Predator', and 'The Jetson's'. Who knows when he is going to get around to making it.

Well, it looks like Danny Trejo knows. He said that he just talked to Rodriguez and that the film will start shooting in 5 weeks. So I guess that answers that question. 'Macehte' will be coming out fast and hard. This is sure to be one hell of a crazy ass movie.

Source: Gordonandthewhale

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