Update on the THE BIRDS and ROSEMARY'S BABY Remakes

by Joey Paur


As you know Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company is remaking every freakin horror movie under the sun. They are currently shooting 'A Nightmare of Elm Street'. The producers of this film Brad Fuller and Andrew Form talk about a couple other movies they planned on re-making. These movie are 'The Birds' and 'Rosemary's Baby'. And I am happy to announce that the remake of Alfred Hitchcocks 'The Birds' wont happen anytime soon.

Why did they drop out from making a remake of 'The Birds'? They obviously aren't as smart as Alfred Hitchcock was, and can't think of a way to make the story interesting in their eyes. The original movie is a masterpiece. Hitchcock was able to tell a very frightening story about birds. But here is what Fuller says when asked what the challenge was for the movie:

That's huge. And the limitations that birds... What do they do? They peck and poke... so there's not a lot of variety as to what can happen... It's a much harder movie to do. As you guys know, we lay ourselves out there and get annihilated out there online all day long, and that movie just opens us up to a whole different level of annihilation.

The fact that this movie is up for a remake in the first place is ridiculous as hell. I'm just happy that they have admitted that they have no idea what to do with it. Maybe what they should do is make a real looking CG animated/live-action feature and have all the birds go around with different kinds of weapons, mass murdering people. That sounds like something they would do, right?

As for the re-make of Roman Polanski's 'Rosemary's Baby'? Fuller gets all protective over the movie when he is asked if he lets the online feedback affect the film they want to make. Here is what he says:

No, and it doesn't come from a level of arrogance; it comes from whoever's criticizing "Rosemary's Baby" hasn't read Scott Kosar's – we're calling it "Rosemary's Baby," but we're not doing that movie. But they haven't read Scott Kosar's script, which is now called "The Sacrifice." They haven't read that script, so when they can criticize something they know nothing about, that doesn't resonate with me.

Hold on, hold on let's take a look at what he says here. He says they are calling it 'Rosemary's Baby', but then says it is now called 'The Sacrifice'? Or is the script title different from the movie title? If so, why? Maybe the full title of the film will be 'Rosemary's Baby: The Sacrifice'. Either way, what he says there is a bit confusing. And of course we haven't rerad the script yet, we just need to look at the past films that he has produced to know that the movie is going to be sub-par. He continues on with his tirade as he defends the movies he makes.

It's where they go after us personally and say that we just do it for the money and all of the things that they've repeatedly been saying, which only bothers me because if I really wanted to make money, I'd be making much bigger-budgeted movies at this point. With our track record, we could go out and make bigger movies where there's a better return for our company. We make horror movies primarily because we love them. That's what our company does, and that's the choice that we made. You guys talk to a ton of producers who started in horror and then go and become big guys; our aspirations, although we do want to branch out, the branching out is simply because we feel like the stories we've told are starting to feel a little bit repetitive.

A bit repetitive? You are re-making movies! Of course it is repetitive! Stop remaking films and it will stop feeling repetitive.

I suggest you head on over to horrorsquad to read the rest of this interview because it is a pretty interesting insight on how these producers think. When developing the remakes that Hollywood just won't stop doing. As soon as the audince stops watching them they will stop making them.

What are your thoughts on what the producer Brad Fuller had to say?

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