Spielberg Behind a New Alien Invasion TV Series Starring Noah Wyle

by Joey Paur


Steven Spielberg sure does love his Aliens. Of course he has made some of the greatest sci-fi alien films of all time. So I trust him when it comes to telling a story about aliens invading earth. This is not a movie though, this is going to be a potential TV series. I loved Spielberg's 'Taken" series. It showed what can be done on a limited TV budget, and it looks great. So this new show should be interesting.

It looks like Steven Spielberg has a lead actor in mind to head up the show. Noah Wyle who played Dr. Carter in 'ER' is his man.


The untitled alien invasion pilot is being developed for TNT and the story takes place six months after evil extra terrestrials decimate mankind. Wyle would play the leader of a ragtag group of citizens who try to bring down the aggressors.

Sounds like Speilberg has found some inspiration from the TV show 'V', but he obviously has a better version in mind.

You really can't go wrong with Spielberg and Aliens. What are your thoughts on the show and Noah Wyle being cast in the show?

Source: EW