WE3 Comic Adapted Film Is Ready to Go it just needs a Studio to Back it

by Joey Paur


We reported last year that Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson was brought on board to direct the comic book adaptation of 'We3'. The movie is a hyper-violent heart breaking tale that follows a squad of three prototype Animal Weapons as they escape from captivity after they find out they are going to be killed. The group consists of a dog, “Bandit” a.k.a. “1″; a cat, “Tinker” a.k.a. “2″; and a rabbit, “Pirate” a.k.a. “3″, who were all kidnapped from a nearby city and encased in robotic armor which also contains numerous weapons, including mine laying devices, machine guns and razor claws. They were also given the ability to speak through implants in their skulls.

The movie sounds very crazy but also really interesting and one that I would love to see. The movie is said to be being developed in live-action, although I am sure the animals will be life like CGI characters. The producer of the film Don Murphy has recently talked about the film and what it's current status is. Here is what he has to say.

"We're working with a director named John Stevenson. Don't be confused, though. Even though he directed Kung Fu Panda, the movie's going to be live action. It's going to be a combination CG, puppetry [and] real animals. We have a great script, a great director, and we're trying to figure out who's going to pay for it in this marketplace, but we're looking."

Hell I'd put some money into the film if I had it. He goes on to discus how the animals will talk in the film.

"Well, they talk like in the comic book. There's a little electrode on their larynx, and they don't have full conversations. It's more like [in robotic monotone], 'Where go do we,' that kind of thing."

He goes on to say how realistinc this movie will be like using the term "very relistic". The script for the film was written by the comic book's creator Grant Morrison and that script is complete. So with a script and a director this movie is good to go.

If it ends up being any better than this short trailer for 'Cat Shit One' then we are really in for a specail treat.

What do you think about animals with bad-ass mech suits?

Source: Sci-Fi Wire