BRUNO talks about EMINEM at London movie Premiere

by Eli Reyes

If you didn't watch the MTV Movie awards this year, then you didn't see Eminem get royally PISSED OFF after being reverse mounted by Sacha Baron Cohen. Or should I say Bruno, one of Cohen's many characters, who was wearing nothing but angel wings and a thong when he did.

Though Eminem and Scott Aukerman, head writer for the awards, later came out and stated that it was all rehearsed, obviously, it all looked way too real. At least Eminem's reaction did. Of course Sacha planned his part. But can't you just not help but feel, that they might say that to help Shady save face?

Here's a clip of Cohen at the London Premiere of
Bruno. While in character he reveals what it felt like to meet Eminem. He also lets us know what he got 'lifted and waxed' in preparation for the event.

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