Ivan Reitman Gives an Update on GHOSTBUSTERS 3

by Joey Paur


The Ghostbusters film was released on Blu-Ray this week which I have yet to buy. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and I am excited to see how this third Gostbusters film turns out. Direct Ivan Reitman has provided some insight on where the new Ghostbusters film currently stands:

The script is going to be turned in a month or so and we'll see. All the casting and directing speculation is really just speculation.

Does that include all of the original cast members that have said they would come back!? I hope not! But at least we might get some news in the next few months after the script is turned in. He goes on to talk about the pitch that the writers Lee and gene made:

They had a pitch and Harold Ramis and I met with them. I kind of liked the idea and suggested some ways that it could improve further. My biggest problem is that it's taken them so long. They've been very busy with "The Office." We've frankly been delayed by almost a year from the moment that we met them until now.

Wow, it has taken them over a year to pump out a script? Come on guys! Lets get on the ball! As we have all heard, Dan Aykroyd has been talking about five new Ghostbusters with a couple females. To this Reitman says:

That was certainly in the outline they proposed. I don’t know if that’s the way the script will finally turn out. I would just take everything with a grain of salt.

So there you have it! Thats the latest update on Ghostbusters 3. One other thing I would like to share with you that Reitman talked about, is what Dan Aykroyd originally had planned for Ghostbusters before it became Ghostbusters. This is pretty crazy.

Dan Aykroyd had a treatment in the late ‘70s that he was going to do with John Belushi. It took place in outer space where there were these competing groups of ghostbusters fighting with each other. It was a big extravaganza without much comedy. When Belushi passed away, Aykroyd sent it to me to see if there was anything I could do with it. He had been talking to [Bill] Murray about it. I read it and I thought this is impossible to make. So I sat him down at lunch and pitched him what essentially became the movie.

Wow! Now tell me... what do you think of that?

Source: MTV

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