Eminem Parody Video: "The Real Psycho Transformer" - About all the Hollywood Remakes

by Joey Paur

It seems like everyday I post some news about a older film getting remade. All these remakes are starting to get a little annoying and you have all voiced your opinion about your distaste for them. Where are all the original movie ideas gone? One of our twitter followers @LawrenceAugust  sent us over a fun little Eminem Parody music video he and some friends put together that shows their dislike for the Hollywood remake revolution. Check it out below because I think you will get a kick out of it.

Here is a little side note from Lawrence August:

I have been getting increasingly upset by almost daily announcements that my favorite childhood movies are being re-made. Neverending Story? Really?! It's getting out of hand, I know it's on everyone's mind so I decided to make a song about it. I love Eminem, he's a freaking genius, so I chose his song that is about "copies" in it's own way as well.

Just to warn you the video drops the F-bomb quite a bit So don't have your speakers turned up at work. I hope enjoy it!

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