First Look at James Cameron's AVATAR Video Game and World

by Joey Paur


And here my friends is your first glimpse into the world of James Cameron's 'Avatar'. These are three screenshots strait from the incredible video game currently being developed for the movie. I got to see this video game in all it's 3-D glory at the E3 Expo this year and I was blown away by it! If you missed my first impression review you can read it Right Here

The same designers and artists that worked on the movie also worked on the game as well. So the landscapes and designs you see here are what you are going to see in the film. This is the Avatar world. The story is set in the 22nd century on a moon called Pandora which orbits a giant gas planet and where humans can't breathe the air. A paralysed marine played by Sam Worthington agrees to exist as an Avatar, a genetically engineered hybrid controlled with a mental link.

The Video game is an extension of the movie. It is not the movie but an entirely different story with different characters that takes place in the same world.Jon Landau one of the producers of the films says:

"There are things we wanted to show in the movie that we didn't have time to show and the video game gives us that opportunity."

When I saw what the game was going to be like I knew for a fact that the movie would just blow our minds.

Avatar has been being developed for 5 years, and the camera uses to film the story took nine years to develop. This is going to be so worth the wait. The movie opens up in December.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think!




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