New PANDORUM movie Poster

by Joey Paur

There is a new sci-fi/horror film coming out called 'Pandorum' that I am really looking forward to seeing. We have featured everything this movie has spit out at us so far and it all looks pretty freakin awesome. It you have been missing out on some of the Pandora greatness make sure to Click Here to check out some trailers and posters. We have another poster to share with you for this movie, and you can check out the madness of it below. These posters have been pretty awesome it will be great to finally see this movie when it opens up on September 4th. 

Here is the story synopsis:

Two crewmen awaken from hyper-sleep aboard a spacecraft. None of their equipment is working, and their memories are incomplete. What was their mission? How much time has passed? Where are they? As they try to piece things together, they discover they are not alone, and the ship's new inhabitants - tribal warriors carrying crudely made weapons - are moving among them, intent on killing all aboard.

So what do you think about this movie?


Source: impawards

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