by EMH

Okay, this is going to be tough. I think we are about to see one the closest top fives of my lifetime. First, we have Jack Black and Michael Cera, who are popular with teenagers. Next, we have Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in a romantic comedy, the first major release for that genre in almost two months (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past). So the ladies will have something geared more towards them after an onslaught of high-powered action and big-time comedies that play to a mostly male demographic. Also, there is a Pixar film still in the mix, which draws the whole family. Predictions should be all over the place for this weekend. Here are mine...


5. The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 12.1 million

4. The Hangover 19.9 million

3. Up 20.4 million

2. The Proposal 22.0 million

1. Year One 23.6 million

Okay, I know I said I would not underestimate The Hangover again. I almost said that it would make 30 million this weekend just to be certain. However, after making 32 million in its second weekend, 20 million would only be a 30% drop for this weekend. That is a solid, solid week three take. How can I expect it to totally destroy Year One, which will get some of its money just because it’s a new comedy geared towards a youthful audience? Also, The Proposal will take a few of its dollars because the ladies will drag their boyfriends to see Sandra Bullock with them. And Up is going to keep doing well because it has no real family movie to compete with until Ice Age comes out July 1. That being said, there are some sneak previews of Ice Age going on this weekend. Perhaps I should adjust my Up prediction. Nah, Ice Age is only playing on 330 screens. I will stick with what I have.

Now, I expect to see some great predictions out of you all. Let’s get to it.

See you next week for the accountability report.





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