E3 2009: LEGO HARRY POTTER Game Trailer

by Eli Reyes


Harry Potter finally gets Legoized... Legoed? Legofied? Let me start over. Harry Potter gets turned into an effing Lego in a brand new, Lego Brand Video game... brand. Joining the likes of Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones. Sure there were a couple of "Lego Creator: Harry Potter" games, but we're talking real action here, not playtime. Well a little play time.

I've only played the first "Lego Star Wars" game. If it were as fun as it was silly, the game would've been fine. But alas, me laughing at a Storm Trooper crumble into a pile of my favorite childhoood toys, grew a little old, really fast!

Even though I've read some good reviews on "Lego Batman", my interest in these games just isn't there. And I love Lego's! And I freaking LOVE Batman!

Random Question: Do Lego's Bleed?

Anyway, if you're willing to play with some Lego's via your TV, I'm sure you'll love this game. As for me, I'll just bust out a box of blocks and let my imagination be the game.

Random Answer: They do, yellow blood.

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