E3 2009: TONY HAWK: RIDE Trailer. Button Mashers NOT WELCOME!

by Eli Reyes


If the last teaser trailer for Tony Hawk: Ride left you as excited and confused as me, here's a new trailer that helps explain the new groundbreaking game.

In the video Pro Skater Paul Rodriguez (son of comedian Paul Rodriguez) pretty much says it all...

"If you've had an interest in skating. But maybe didn't want to put yourself into a position of getting injured. Here's your chance."

For all you fake guitar, fake drum playing, Wii Remote swinging gamers out there, Tony Hawk: Ride offers you the chance to acquire yet another set of useless skills. Sure it's not quite the real thing, but it's pretty dang close. It's a game after all.

Most of you probably don't know, but as a teenager I was obsessed with skateboarding. I spent most of my days jumping fences to skate my favorite spots. And my nights consisted of me watching countless skate videos.

And when the first Tony Hawk: Pro Skater game was introduced, it was like being in heaven. Finally! All those tricks I just couldn't nail, and all those famous spots that were thousands of miles away, just took the push of a button. And just about every year there was a new Tony Hawk game to satisfy my appetite, and the appetite of the hundreds of millions of others, who made the game a hit .

But after nearly a dozen incarnations, the Jedi-like button mashing has run it's course. With a revolutionary new controller. Tony Hawk himself, explains

"The board resembles a blank skate deck. The only difference is your doing it interactively... your character mimics these motions on real skate objects."


Sweeet! So clear the living room, have some friends over, and tell your little sister to back away.

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