TOTAL RECALL Remake Movie Update

by Joey Paur


In case you haven't heard yet, yes, 'Total Recall' is getting the remake treatment. I bet you're all extremely excited about this movie aren't ya! We reported a few months ago that this movie was going to get made and now it has a screenwriter attached. A guy by the name of Kurt Wimmer will attempt to rewrite the sci-fi story. The give you an idea of what we can expect in trms of style from this guy here are a few movies that he wrote: 'Sphere', 'The Thomas Crown Affair', 'Equilibrium', 'The Recruit', 'Ultraviolet', and 'Street Kings'. So you be the judge of how good the movie will turn out. It all depends on which of these movies you liked. I would have to say 'Equilibrium' was his best work. 

The original movie is based on the Philip K. Dick story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," an it follows a man haunted by a recurring dream of journeying to Mars, who buys a literal dream vacation from a company called Rekall Inc., which sells implanted memories. The man comes to believe he is a secret agent and ends up on a Martian colony, where he fights to overthrow a despotic ruler controlling the production of air.

Columbia Pictures is doing the film and they are calling it a "contemporized adaptation".

It is evident that Hollywood no longer has any original ideas and they will continue to re-make older movies. The question is do you think it is ok for them to re-make 'Total Recall'?

Source: THR

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