Actor Doug Jones Talks about Del Toro's 'THE HOBBIT' and 'FRANKENSTEIN'

by Joey Paur


Not too long ago the GeekTyrant crew ran into Doug Jones while eating at the local Wendy's. While there we talked about some of his up and coming projects such as the next 2 films Guillermo Del Toro has lined up for him 'The Hobbit' and Del Toro's dream project of 'Frankenstein'. It was upon meeting him that we learned that he would in fact have a role or several roles in 'The Hobbit' and that Del Toro wanted him to play The Monster in 'Frankenstein'. Scifiwire recently caught up with him and although he say's much of the same stuff he told us he expands on it a little bit more.

Regarding The Hobbit Jones says:

"We have not had any conversations about what he wants [for The Hobbit], but he's 'wink-wink, nudge-nudged' me a couple times with that 'Yeah, yeah, The Hobbit, yeah, we'll see you. I don't know what I'm doing or how many characters it will be, because he tends to like to use me the whole time depending."

It should be interesting to see who he will be playing in the movie. But one thing we know for sure is that he will make an incredible Frankenstein. The film won't start shooting for another five years or so, but it doesn't mean they can't start pre-production on it this summer. Doug Jones will be going through some make-up tests here in the next few weeks.

"We are starting makeup tests, actually, in a couple weeks. We are going to do some tests just to see, because he has five years to play with this. He's taking that luxury of time to make this absolutely perfect. This is his dream. He was inspired by Frankenstein when he was a kid. It was the monster that made him want to make monsters. So, because of that, it's been [a] lifelong [dream], and he wants to be perfect with him."

I wish I could be there to see what this stuff will end up looking like! Jones has seen the designs for The Monster, he doesn't go into detail, but he was very moved by what he saw.

"It will not be a big, lumbering Boris Karloff type, but more of a skinny, skeletal, stringy-muscled version made from spare parts of some other guy. The designs I have seen so far of the makeup test we are going to try brought tears to my eyes. I can't tell you what I saw, but just know it brought tears to my eyes. I was emotionally touched that I may get to play this character."

Jones did reveal that The Monster would be based from the artwork of horror illustrator Bernie Wrightson.


Jones continues saying:

"Guillermo did say to the press that he's already cast me as his monster, but we've yet to talk about it. But in his mind, if that's what he's decided, then it's done. He's got a four-picture deal with Universal, so once he's done with The Hobbit, I think the first thing that's up on the docket will be Frankenstein. And reinvention is going to be the name of it, because he's going back to the Mary Shelley book and starting fresh with it."

"I go weak in the knees, and I lose blood in my brain. It would be a dream come true. Boris Karloff as Frankenstein and the Mummy are two films that haunted my childhood. To be equated with him or to be in a property that he started on film is daunting and intimidating but also such a huge honor."

We have quite a Long time to wait for both 'The Hobbit' and 'Frankenstein', fact of the matter is these movies are moving forward and they will get done, and they will get done right. Jones has made quite a great career for himself in the films he has made and he is an extremely nice and humble man.  I can't wait to see him play The Monster in Frankenstein. This guy could be the Boris Karloff / Lon Chaney  of our generation.

Source: Scifiwire

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