David Fincher to Direct FACEBOOK Movie?! Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder?

by Joey Paur


So here is some news that will make you dizzy with confusion. David Fincher the director of awesome movies such as 'Seven', 'Fight Club', 'Zodiac', and most recently 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button', is currently in talks with Columbia Pictures to direct a movie called 'The Social Network.'.


This is the film written by Aaron Sorkin which is about the formation of the popular social network site Facebook. David Fincher may end up directing the movie about Facebook!?

The film will focus on the evolution of Facebook from its 2004 creation on the Harvard campus by sophomore Mark Zuckerberg to a juggernaut with more than 200 million members.

What!? This seems like such a strange combination. Sure both their names start with an F but still. Is Fincher trying to break out the films he is good at making? This just seems like one of those films where you take a great director and they make a very average mediocre film, like Gore Verbinski when he directed 'The Weather Man' or Ridley Scott when he directed 'Matchstick Men'. Those are films that will never be remembered and it seems like this is the type of film that falls into the same category.

Who knows maybe he will be able to make it interesting, but how? I just don't see an interesting story here unless they plan on embellishing it to the point that the whole thing becomes a fairy tale.

They want to start production on it later this year.

What are your thoughts on this David Fincher directing Facebook madness?

Source: Variety

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