First Look: Ricky Gervais in CEMETERY JUNCTION

by Eli Reyes


I play a fat middle-aged bloke from Reading... Chameleon.

Ricky Gervais joked about his new role in the film Cemetery Junction, a comedy set in the 1970's he wrote and is co directing with Stephen Merchant. The film centers around three upstart professional men working at an insurance company. Since Gervais will be mostly behind the camera, he has stated that he was looking for the 'English 23 year-old[versions of], John Travolta, James Dean and Lou Costello' to star.


Don't worry. I still haven't done an honest days work in my life. It's a scene from the film.


Don't worry. I was wearing sunblock.

Ricky just posted these pics up on his blog, and I've gotta say... he looking like a tough dude. Popping your collar just got a little less lame. No wait, still lame. Sorry Ricky. What do you think?

Source: Filmschool Rejects

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