Live Action ROBOTECH Movie gets a new Writer

by Joey Paur


I couldn't be more excited for the Live-Action Robotech movie that is being developed by Tobey Maguire and his production team.  A new writer by the name of Tom Rob Smith has jumped on board the project. Smith is an award-winning novelist and is also a UK TV writer. From the stuff he has developed it seems like he will be able to bring in a serious tone to the movie. The first novel he wrote was called 'Child 44, which is about a series of child murders in Stalinist Russia.

A source close to the 'Robotech' project says:

"He had a very clear vision for the material that seemed to fit the collective group's vision for the property."

Previous drafts of the 'Robotech' script have been written by Lawrence Kasdan and Alfred Gough & Miles Millar if those names sound familiar it is because they worked on the TV show 'Smallville'. 'Robotech' has been in development for 2 years now, just as long as the live-action 'Akira' film which currently no longer happening. Akiva Goldsman ('Jonah Hex'), Charles Roven ('The Dark Knight') and Jason Netter ('Wanted') are the producers on the project, so you have a very strong group of people pusing this movie forward. Maguire is also rumored to be starring the in the movie as well.

I am pumped up for this film, and I hope it finally happens! This is a film that has the potential to blow people away with its awesomness! What do you all think? Are you looking forward to a 'Robotech' film? It is sure to be a better film than Transformers or G.I. Joe. I just think everyone involved have their heads screwed on right.

Source: Mania