TRANSFORMERS: Revenge Of THE FALLEN so What did YOU Think?

by Eli Reyes


Are you gonna catch Transformers later this weekend? I didn't think so, because you already saw it! You strolled into work this morning with blood shot eyes, and the same shirt you wore yesterday. You smell like stale butter, and there's a mystery substance stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You caught a midnight showing of Revenge Of The Fallen and you don't car who knows it... just don't tell my boss.

So we want to hear what you guys thought of Michael Bay's newest visual extravaganza.

Did you love it? Hate it? Which parts blew you away? What could you have done without?

How were the effects? How was the acting?

What did you  think of the story? What did you think of the action???

Favorite characters? Least favorite characters?

Here's a some quick thoughts that I had. If you're reading this,I assume you've seen the movie, and will know what I'm referencing. This will contain SPOILERS for those who haven't. To read Mr Black's review Click Here.

The Good:

Say what you will about Michael Bay, the guy knows how to do action. I was in much need of some Visine, because I couldn't look away. I was literally tearing up because I didn't want to blink. That's something I haven't experienced since Return Of The King! The effects are superb. I can definitely see how ROTF blew up ILM's hardware. Optimus Prime kicks some major booty in this one. And you can really feel the impact of the fights compared to the first one. Kevin Dunn and Julie White are absolutely hilarious as Sam Witwicky's parents, and they get us through the first half. John Tutorro keeps us going in the second half. And Megan Fox keeps us in our chairs for other reasons.

The Bad:

The movie feels long... really long. Maybe that's just because I was at a screening full of Record execs, and musicians who had music in the film. But at the end of an action sequence where I'm expecting to hear uproarious applause, I got golf claps. I need to see this movie with the real fans.

The script was in need of some trimming. I won't discredit screen writers Orci and Kurtzman, because it's Bay who ultimately has the scissors. Look at JJ Abrams Star Trek, same writers, way better pace throughout the movie!!!

Our resident baddie Megatron is brought back to life, but now feels as threatening as "Do Not Step on Grass" sign. I think Shia LaBeouf is a fine actor. But Sam's "I don't be the hero" attitude gets old.

I have a 'what if?' suggestion! Let me know what you think. What if Josh Duhamel's character, Captain Lennox was the MAIN character? Captain Witwicky anyone? I would much rather see our main character fighting alongside the Autobots, rather than running away like a helpless child. If they made him the main character, the movie would be a lot shorter/better.  Because let's face it, this film is all over the place. If there was one central story line, you could relate and explore the characters more in depth. You could see the hero grow, and the payoff would be much bigger!

The Ugly:

The Autobots Mudflap, and Skids... are the most racist stereotypes that I've seen on screen since Jar Jar Binks. They're just as unneeded as Binks, but a whole lot more offensive. I have no idea how they got away with this.

So I wanna hear your thoughts on the film. We haven't even scratched the surface. Let the discussions begin!!!

If you don't have time to rant.  Vote!

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