Movie Review: I SELL THE DEAD

by Joey Paur


If you were to take the feel of an early Sam Raimi film like 'Evil Dead', combine it will an 80’s classic like 'Monster Squad' and throw in a couple of grave robbers as the main characters and place the story in medieval times then that’s what you get out of the new horror/comedy film from director Glenn McQuiad’s ‘I Sell The Dead’. The movie is like a live-action animated show that you would find on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim. This is a good thing if you are a fan of that kind of fun and humor like I am.


The film stars Dominic Monagan (Lord of the Rings, LOST) , Ron Perlman (Hellboy), and Larry Fessenden (Session 9, Broken Flowers). All these guys do a great job for what this movie is. You can tell they were all just having one hell of a good time making the movie. The characters they play are just so wacky and animated you can’t help but laugh and enjoy the performances.


The movie follows a couple of grave robbers in the 19th century named Arthur Blake and Willie Grimes. Justice has finally caught up with them and they are going to be punished for their crimes. Before the young Arthur Blake is about to get his head sliced off by the guillotine he is visited by a clergyman named father Duffy. It is in this interaction that Blake tells the story of his life which recounts his days as a young boy to stealing corpses, his partnership with Willie Grimes and how they ended up hunting the living dead. Yes they living dead like Vampires.


The film is full of great comedy and crazy situations. One of the best qualities of the movie is it randomness. It’s the random events that unfold in front of your eyes that you don’t see coming that have a great payoff. It is the inventive off the wall craziness that makes this movie incredibly fun to watch.

This film has got cult classic written all over it. It just has that quality and quotable dialogue that will entice a person to watch it over and over again and be prompted to share it with everyone you know.


I had such a great time watching ‘I Sell The Dead’ I would love to tell you so much more about it but it will ruin the fun for all of you! There are scenes in the film that will have you busting up with laughter. I will tell you that the scene where the two grave robbers encounter a vampire for the first time is priceless.

The movie is definitely worth watching!

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