DISTRICT 9 Sci-Fi Film Gets an 'R' Rating

by Joey Paur


The first time feature film director Neil Blomkamp and Peter Jackson produced film District 9 got is MPAA rating recently and it looks like the sci-fi film will be rated 'R'. We really haven't seen much of the film yet besides the teaser trailer and viral PSA videos. From everything that has been released it looks like it could have received a PG-13 rating, but I guess there is much more to this story than has been revealed. I am so happy to hear that this got an 'R' rating! This means that the film is going to be extreamly gritty in everyway possible. It's awesome that the filmmakers didn't hold back anything and they did everything they wanted to do. This film could have easily been rated PG-13 and I honestly thought that it would be, so I was pretty surprised to hear that it got the 'R'.

District 9 will be released in August 14th. The marketing of this film has been extremely creative and we have had a fun time reporting on them, because the content that Sony Pictures is releasing is really cool!

Have you been enjoying the District 9 movie movie posters an viral videos? Does the fact that the movie got an 'R' rating make you want to see the movie more?

(Source: getthebigpicture)