Movie Review: FACING ALI

by Joey Paur

Facing Ali

There is a documentary coming out that is a must see for any film and boxing lover. The documentary is called ‘Facing Ali’ and it follows the incredible career of iconic boxer Muhammad Ali. I thought I knew allot about Muhammad Ali before I saw this fantastic doc but this film proved I knew very little about the man, and it was quite the eye opener to who he really was, what he represented, and especially how the guys that fought him in the ring felt about him.


This story of Muhammed Ali is told by those people that stepped into the ring with him with the hope and desire to beat him at his own game. Some of these boxers that tell the story of their bouts with Ali include: George Chuvalo, Henry Cooper, Larry Holmes, George Foreman, Earnie Shavers, and Joe Frazier. It is great to see the light in the eyes of these gentlemen as they talk about their experiences with Ali, and what he brought into their lives. Everyone of of these guys felt it was an honor to fight Ali whether they won or lost.

There is also plenty of footage of Muhammed Ali during his fighting career. You get to hear the smack talk he throws at these guys, training footage, the story of his relationship with Malcolm X and the Muslim religion. Most importantly you get to see the best of his boxing matches. The movie brings all of the humor, the hurt, and the controversy that surrounded Ali. Everything that is put into this movie will give you a different view of the man that you have never seen before.

The documentary was put together extremely well. No matter who you are it will hit your emotional cords. The life these boxers led is incredible, and to hear their stories in their own words, from their own mouths, will give you a respect for these men that you have never had before. This film is absolutely incredible! It is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, and I can't stress to you enough how much you need to see this film.

I have provides the trailer for the film for you below in case you haven't seen it. When I first saw this trailer it gave me goosebumps, the feeling you get while watching this trailer is the same feeling that you will have through the whole film.

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