E3 2009 First Impression Review: THE BEATLES ROCK BAND

by Joey Paur


Yes, I got up on stage with four other geeks and rocked the house with the new 'The Beatles Rock Band', and I had a blast. We did a set of about four songs before we got kicked off. There were two sets of guitars, a drum set, and three microphones that let you do harmonies! I don't sing, and I don't do karaoke , but here I was having the time of my life with a bunch of strangers. Of course I started out with my less than confident Medium setting but after the first song, I was ready to up the difficulty to high.

There really isn't much new to the game play, if you have played ROCK BAND before. But now you get to play along with your favorite Beatles songs! And if you are as much of a fan as I am, Just that element alone, makes all the difference in the world. The game looks great the instruments handle well, and are even modeled after The Beatles iconic signature guitars. And the music of course, is top notch. This game is going to be great for parties, and hanging out with your pals.

Fact of the matter is, if you love The Beatles, you will love this game. I will be buying the whole sha-bootal!


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