More New Promo Posters For Spider-Man 4, Oober Mind, & Iron-Man 2

by Joey Paur


Hey Gang! We got a couple new movie poster images to show you from the licensing show going on in Vegas right now. We have for you your first look at the new DreamWorks Animation film 'Oober Mind', the first promotional poster for 'Spider-Man 4', Shrek part 13 'Shrek Forever After' and a new Iron-Man 2 promo image. 

Everything is pretty generic except for the Oober Min movie. This is the first time we have seen anything for that and it looks great! I totally dig the character design's. This looks very different from anything that DreamWorks Animation has done before. This is a superhero movie being produced by Ben Stiller.

Hope you enjoy the photos!




Source: AICN

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