Assassination of a High School President TRAILER

by Eli Reyes


Have you ever gotten a flat tire? Of course you have. You just change it and you're on your way. But what if while you were changing your tire, a car from on coming-traffic hits your parked car head on! Then the guy driving that car, gets out and starts punching you in the face. That's the current state of the movie Assassination of a High School President... but with more legal and technical terms of course.

Assassination debuted at Sundance in 2008 to rave reviews! There was major buzz surrounding this film. But it's been sitting on the shelf ever since. The owners of Assassination, Yari Film Group was forced to file for bankruptcy. So it looks as if the film will get a straight to DVD release at best. Yari is due back in bankruptcy court at the end of July. So that is one final hope for Assassination and other Yari owned films to get proper theatrical releases. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

So here's the trailer for Assassination of a High School President. Reece Thompson stars as a school newspaper writer Bobby Funke, who uncovers a conspiracy that is rampant among the students and teachers. Mischa Barton, (who's been pretty MIA on the acting front since the O.C) plays the young femme fatale, while Bruce Willis plays our resident unhinged principal. The film also stars Michael Rappaport, and 'Be Kind Rewind's Melonie Diaz.

This dark comedy has it roots firmly planted in noir. And much like Rian Johnson's 2006 film Brick, the detective story uses a High-School as it's backdrop. Assasination leans more on the comedic side than Brick, but I doubt it will be able to match Brick's fantastically crafted dialogue. But this still looks like a fun watch and I'm hoping that this gets a proper release!

Watch the clip, and let us know what you think!

Source: /Film

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