Become A Real Jedi! Use The Force With this New STAR WARS Toy

by Joey Paur


You think I'm joking don't you? Well, I'm not. There is a new Star Wars toy that has been developed where you can actually use you mind to move a little Star Wars ball up and down. It may not seem like much but you are using your mind to do it. This is the perfect toy for all of us geeks out in the world to sharpen out Jedi skills with The Force Trainer.

Force Trainer uses the same technology that doctors use to monitor brain waves. The toy moves when it senses a change in the users brain-wave patterns. The toy uses a headset to monitor the brain, and then transmits a signal to a base that features a fan and a ball in a tube. The more intense your focus and concentration is the faster the fan spins. When the concentration is broken or weak the ball will drop. A uses the voice of Yoda, and the Jedi master guides you through several increasingly different levels of control.


Scientists call the technology BCI, or Brain Computer Interface, and more sensitive, medical-grade versions are used to help amputees move artificial limbs and victims of paralysis communicate using a computer and software that reacts thought.

The Force Trainer is set to come out in August and should sell for around $120.

This sounds pretty freakin cool if you ask me!

Here is a little video demo of how it works:

Source: nypost

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