E3 2009: BIOSHOCK 2 Game Trailer

by Joey Paur


It finally made its way onto the internet! The new Trailer for 2K Games 'Bioshock 2', the sequel to the hit game Bioshock. Which thay are trying to get made into a movie. But we'll have wait and see how that all turns out in the next few months. Because it is currently on hold, and it's director Gore Verbinski may end up walking off the project, if he hasn't already. It looks like it will be just as good and just as creepy as the first game.

The game is set ten years after the events of BioShock. A number of towns around the world have been reporting kidnappings of young girls, with witnesses reporting the attackers as both extremely fast and thin, with red lights often reported as either being worn by the attacker or spotted nearby in the sea. This single attacker is in fact the Big Sister, one of the Little Sisters from the first entry in the series, who has mechanized herself in a similar fashion to the Big Daddies, and has become the ruler of the underwater city of Rapture. Under her control, the city has reached an equilibrium in which she "actively maintains the city's infrastructure, and viciously hunts anyone down who disrupts the balance of power"; Tenenbaum, discoverer of ADAM and original creator of the Little Sisters, also states that the Big Sister has begun kidnapping girls to turn them "into creatures like her"

The game is set for release November 3rd. Check out the trailer, and let us know what you think.

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