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Hey everyone, sorry about my absence. If you have no idea who I am, that's a good illustration of how long I have been gone. Anyway, I have a new feature I want to start. I am going to chime in with box office predictions every Friday.

Hopefully, this will be a way for you to list your predictions as well. If we get enough response, perhaps we can make it a formal weekly competition. Of course, we have to show Mazer and Venkman it would be a success.

So, on with the show...


5. Terminator Salvation 10.5 million

4. The Hangover 15.2 million

3. Night at the Museum 16.8 million

2. Land of the Lost 22.4 million

1. UP 38.6 million

Reasons - The May rush is over. Kids just got out of school and many families are on vacation, maybe skipping a weekend of movies after May was so packed with blockbusters. Plus, look at the family appeal of the top three! There will be balance. The Hangover looks like it's good for a few laughs, but nothing that must be seen at the big screen. Drag Me to Hell came in under Geektyrant expectations as discussed on the podcast, and I think Rami's followers gave it all they had opening weekend. It won't clear 9 million.

Prediction I am most afraid of - Terminator sucked. Really. A whole lot. So maybe Star Trek edges it out.

I think there is some going-out-on-a-limbness here. When was the last time the top three movies were legitimate family films? No, really. I am asking. Look it up yourself.

Okay, now the fun part. What do you think of my predictions for the weekend? Good? Bad? Ugly? And, give me your predictions and I will make note of them.

MY PROMISE TO YOU!!! Every day people get on radio, television, and the Internet and spout off predictions. Rarely do they ever return and report. I promise to give an accountability report to you next week. I will tell you where I was right, wrong, close, etc. Plus, I will give you all props and put-downs where you were right or wrong with your predictions. So load me up. I am eager to hear from you.

Have a great weekend at the movies.


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