E3 2009: MAG Gameplay Action and 256 Reasons to Play

by Joey Paur


I don't know if you have heard of the MAG video game or not, but you need to keep your eye out for it. MAG pretty much stands for Massive Action Game. This is a MMO shooter that has been developed for the PS3.

So how Massive is the game? Well the new server architecture that has been set up for it can support online battles with up to 256 players. That's right friends, 256 gamers, going at it, in a massive battle of death and carnage! The users will be divided into 8 player squads, with 4 squads forming a platoon, and 4 platoons forming a company. Each squad is led by a player who has advanced through the game's ranking system. Character statistics and development will also increase with frequent gameplay. The players most advanced in rank, will be able to either direct the battle or participate directly in combat.

Basic battles will take place within ongoing, faction-based campaigns to encourage the player to actively play. The game will contain three factions: S.V.E.R (pronounced Sever), a group from war torn countries; Raven, a futuristic group who wear black armor and sport high-tech weaponry; and Valor, a military force with gear similar to the US army.

I played this game for a bit over at the E3 Expo, and I had a blast! The maps are so huge and there is so much going on around you. It is a first person shooter and people come parachuting in from the sky, you can call in massive air-strikes, there are military vehicles galore, including the obvious tanks and airplanes. Just like any other shooter game you get to customize your weapons with attachments and you also can customize your character, voice, face, and armor.

This is just going to be a fun ass game to play. Here are two videos that show you what the gameplay is like.

Base Assault Gameplay

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