Marvel's Long Plan Goal is to Develop 4 Films a Year

by Joey Paur


Yesterday, Marvel President Kevin Fiege talked to a bunch of reporters about the future of Marvel films, and how one day Marvel will rule the world! It's true. After the first Iron Man came out, I knew that if Marvel played their cards right, they could end up being one of the most powerful studios in Hollywood. Things look like they are coming along pretty well. The long term goal for Marvel is to develop three to four films per year. Which is awesome! According to slashfilm, some people think that the comic book genre is running out of steam. Really? Have sci-fi films run out of steam? How about horror films? Oh! Action films? I don't think so my friends. If the comic book genre is running out of steam, then people have stopped going to the movies all together. Comic-books are the only source of original material Hollywood is picking up these days!

I have a feeling that Marvel will eventually start developing original content and ideas as well. Not everything out of Marvel has to be a comic book movie. Sure they have to start out that way to hook the audience, but once they are in and Marvel is making great movies they have the power to create or pick up new characters, stories, and content. Who knows, perhaps they will be the studio with the balls to buy up original scripts in the future and bring about new classic characters.

Here is Marvel's plan:

If the films keep succeeding there will be a well from which to pull financing to make two films, three films, four films a year. The question is what those films are going to be. How much are they going to cannibalize the whole notion of a Marvel movie. I think the only way that you could go beyond three movies a year is if they're different. You do a Dr. Strange supernatural movie in March, two tent poles in the summer, a family comedy in September or October, maybe a fantasy tent pole at Christmas. Something like that, spread them out, but they have to be different.

Sound like a good plan to me! As long as we are getting top quality story telling and film making, I don't think there is going to be a problem. If the movies are good, then why would people not go and see them? The answer is they won't stop, they will keep going. It would be great to eventually see Marvel move into feature animation as well! I could totally see them moving in that direction! Traditional or 3D I just think they have yet another huge market to tap in that aspect.

Source: Slashfilm via UGO

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