Info on a Great Indie Sci-Fi Film called IN-WORLD WAR

by Joey Paur


I love coming across news like this! Here is yet another original and awesome indie sci-fi film that is being created. The movie is called 'In-World War', and is labeled as a dark sci-fi comedy.

The story is set in 2075, in a future where virtual reality has become indistinguishable from the real world. The story is centered on a game tester who finds himself unable to log out from a simulation of the War of Terror. When he fights his way back into the real world, he finds that he is in the wrong city, and the wrong body. As he try's to get back into his own he falls deeper into a world  that still has the psychological scars of our current events.

These are the kind of films that Hollywood needs to be making. Thank the heavens we have indi filmmakers that have creative imaginations. The writer and director of the film Brant Smith say's this:

"This film is about mythologizing history, and the calcification of conventional wisdom as the accepted narrative of what happened. Specific issues of Muslim stereotyping and the 2002-03 fear-mongering era may be behind us, but they still have lasting imprints that will affect us through the ages, at least for the next few generations."

This will be Smith's directorial debut. Filming will start up July 6th in the Bay Area and he also hopes to shoot in New York, Dublin, Paris, and Geneva. These locations are all dependent on investors and funds. I hope this movie gets what it needs to get done.

You know what's funny, is all these major studio's are pumping millions of dollars into crap films. If they took as little as .5% of the budget of any of those movies, and gave it to these little indie filmmakers, that's all it would take. And more of these great film ideas would actually get made.

Source: SF360 via i09

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