Liam Neeson in talks to Join THE A-TEAM as Hannibal

by Joey Paur


So how would you feel if Liam Neeson played Col. John "Hannibal" Smith in the new 'The A-Team' movie? This would be one hell of a major selling point for me because right now, I could care less. Turns out that Neeson is currently in talks with 20th Century Fox to play the leader of the A-Team. I would love to see Liam Neeson cast in this movie! He would actually give it some clout, the production has gone through some hard times in the past. It looks like it is finally going to pick up some speed. But still, at this point nothing has been solidly confirmed. Bradley Cooper is also in early talks to play Face.


The movie is being produced by Ridley and Tony Scott. And Joe Carnahan who made 'Smokin' Aces', is directing the movie. As of right now, Neeson is working out the money issues with Fox. I'm pretty sure they will work things out and come to a deal. I'd be surprised if Neeson is not cast.

The movie will be about four war vets wrongly convicted of armed robbery who escape from a military prison to become do-gooder mercenaries. But they've replaced the campy nature of the series with a tone closer to those of "Mission: Impossible" and "Ocean's Eleven."

There have been rumors of Common, Ice Cube,or Taye Diggs taking on the role of B.A. Baracus, and Chris Pine wanted the role of Murdock. But nothing with these rumors is solid yet.

So what do you think of Liam Neeson as Hannibal!? And just the adaptation of the A-Team in general?

Source: Variety

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